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Bharat Biker Royal 15W50 Advance Technology oil is specially designed keeping in view the high temperature operating conditions encountered in air cooled 4 strokes 2-wheeler engines unlike in the case of passenger car engines, which are water cooled. Further these oils possess special frictional properties required for smooth operation of wet clutches used in these vehicles. These oils provide outstanding oxidation and wear protection for extended oil & engine life.
  • Latest generation high performance Motorcycles and Scooters.
  • Suitable for earlier models of Motorcycles, Scooter.
It provides enhanced protection against oxidation and, wear, thereby ensuring smoother performance, cleaner engine and longer engine & oil life.
  • Excellent wear protection for engine components.
  • Enhanced fuel economy for cost-effective rides.
  • Extended drain intervals, reducing maintenance frequency.
  • Reduced clutch slippage for smoother operation.
  • Utilizes Advanced Active Bond Technology for superior performance and durability.
Pack Type : 1 ltr, 2.5ltrs, 50 ltrs, 55 ltrs, 210 ltrs.
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