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Bharat Lubricants, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of premium quality lubricants and automobile oils, was founded in 1984 under the mentorship of Mr. Satish Kumar Gupta in Surat. Our lubricants are designed to offer unparalleled performance and are manufactured to comply with the Indian standards of excellence. Our extensive range of lubricants includes engine oil, 2T oil, grease, hydraulic oil, and gear oil. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Bharat Lubricants has established a strong foothold in the domestic market over the past 40 years. Our in-depth understanding of the automobile industry has enabled us to develop lubricants that significantly enhance the functioning of diverse automobile engines and parts.
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    Industrial oils are the lifeblood of various industries helping machineries to run smoothly and effectively. Bharat Lubricants, one of the leading manufacturers of premium-quality industrial oils help industries work better and be more productive. Our team of professional experts constantly strives to make new developments in our production process to match the industry standards and be the best in the market. We aim to meet the growing demands in the market by offering the best quality oil that is effective and efficient. We understand that producing the best-quality oil requires good raw materials. Therefore, we carefully source our materials from dependable and reliable suppliers that value safety and quality as much as we do. We are excited to announce that we are almost ready and will soon launch our range of industrial oils. We are certain that the quality of our products will not only live up to your expectations but will go above and beyond! If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our expert consultants are always ready to serve you in any way possible. Let us work together to bring out the best from your machineries!
Why Choose Us?
With over 40 years of experience, our extensive range of products are designed to enhance the functioning of diverse automobile engines and parts. Our commitment to consistent quality products, efficient services, and 100% customer satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for your business. Offer your customers premium quality lubricants that comply with Indian standards and unparalleled performance.

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Bharat Lubricants is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of technical expertise and 100% customer satisfaction for both our present and prospective clients as well as for third party manufacturing services. Our unwavering commitment to consistent excellence is reinforced by the implementation of our rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program. As manufacturers of high-quality lubricants, such as automotive and industrial oils, automotive and industrial greases, and other products, we have set up a state-of-the-art laboratory that is fully equipped to guarantee consistent product quality. To ensure the production of perfect products, we only use the best raw materials in our manufacturing processes and the finest raw materials.
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Join us in delivering unparalleled performance and exceptional service, while adhering to the Indian standards of excellence. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are the perfect choice for your distributorship or third-party manufacturing needs.
Join our Bharat Lubricants family and become a distributor of our premium quality lubricant products. Enhance your customers' automobile engine functioning and become a part of our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.
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Looking for a reliable and experienced third-party manufacturer for your lubricant products? Look no further than Bharat Lubricants. With 40 years of expertise, we manufacture lubricants that are designed to offer unparalleled performance and meet Indian standards of excellence.
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our testimonials
Khelan Zaveri
Bharat lubricants has top notch quality with affordable price. However what amazed me most is their commitment and timely service.
Rlb Plywood
I have use the oil for my Cnc machine now machine is runing very well Super oil very less fiction And even I use there oil for my royal Enfield which is quite good as compare to liqued gun BHARAT LUBRICANTS OIL HAS GIVEN MY BIKE EXTRA PICKUP AND LONG LASTING OIL
Aim Corp
Excellent quality n Services. Quality as per international standards. We have also used in lubrication of steam turbine. Found it's perfect for turbine too. We shall definitely look forward to recommend it to more people.
Lalit Gupta
We are the third generation in our family who are associated with Bharat Lubricants for supplies of industrial Lubricants in our factory based in Faridabad. There professional approach , continue work on customers feedback, wide range of innovative products.
Faizan Ansari
I am feeling very proud to associate with Bharat Lubricants since long. Bharat Lubricants is one of the well know brand of the market. Quality product, Prompt service and committed to work for better tomorrow of everyone. I wish a good luck to Bharat Lubricants and their whole Team Bharat.
Dipti Chawla
Bharat lubricants name as speaks they are exactly like that. I never feel that its not my company. Their behaviour towards their clients and commitment is so tremendous. Quality of products and prompt service they provide is Amazing. I wish them a good luck for the future. Keep it up.
Love the product it gives a best engine health to my vehicle I think Bharat lubricant is the best brand for engine oils and I recommend everyone Go for it guyss..
Amol Soni
One of the best lubricant I am using Use for sewage pump in oil chamber Also we are using Greece which is used in lt motors and Ht motors The quality I am getting it is indescribable
Shivu Khanaganni
Both Rider 4T and synthetic 5w30 are giving very good results,as smoothness in engine 🚗, I recommend every one, to use Above said products for better performance in their vehicles
Ashish Vaidya
We have used hydrolic Oil manufactured by your company for Textile machine where one hydrolic unit is installed. We found satisfactory results and also we are very pleased by service provide to us . Excellent Performance with best Customer satisfaction. I would like to thanks Rahul bhai who has supported us to maximize way. Best product handled by best team . Thanks for supporting us .
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