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The super premium quality motor cycle engine oil BHARAT BIKER 4T++ 10W/30 is made using synthetic technology and the most cutting-edge additive chemistry. The secret of BHARAT BIKER 4T++ 10W/30 is unparalleled Fuel Efficiency, reduced oil consumption, and improved film strength is synthetic technology. This technology also lubricates modern motorcycles with high power densities and high operating temperatures. Modern additive chemistry improves oil performance by providing outstanding engine cleanliness, high engine and gearbox protection, and smooth clutch function, which is essential for quick acceleration.
Consumer Benefits
  • Superior fuel efficiency
  • Excellent engine deposit management
  • Superior defence to gear
  • Increased engine life
  • Makes ensuring the wet clutch is operating smoothly for enhanced pick-up
  • Increased oil life
  • Lesser use of oil
satisfies JASO MAC2 standards and API SN specifications for Valve Train Wear and High-Temperature Performance
Pack Type : 800 ml, 900 ml, 1 ltr, 50 ltr
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