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Shock absorber oils with outstanding dampening properties are BHARAT FRONT FORK OIL is Light and Heavy. Shock absorbers that are factory-filled and permanently sealed are advised. BHARAT FRONT FORK OIL 20W is a specially created suspension fluid with a mineral basis that offers outstanding shock absorption and dampening performance on rough roads. Excellent damping performance is offered by BHARAT FRONT FORK OIL 20W at both extreme temperatures. BHARAT FRONT FORK OIL 20W guards against wear on all internal parts and suspension sections. The BHARAT FRONT FORK OIL 20W compatibility with all the most recent suspension systems and seals makes it its most advantageous feature.
Consumer Benefits
  • Outstanding chemical stability
  • Excellent compatibility with seals
  • Minimal pour point
  • Use all year round in any weather
Pack Type : 175 ml
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