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A very high-performance hydraulic fluid called BHARAT HYDRAULIC OIL 32/46/68 was created using basic stocks that had undergone extensive hydrotreatment. Comparatively to conventional hydraulic oil meeting DIN 51524 Part III (HVLP) and Parker Denison HF-0, the unique zinc free and ash-free anti-wear additive system offers increased protection for components. The additive system is thermally stable and resists hydrolysis when mechanical, chemical, and thermal stress are present simultaneously. The product's exceptional low-temperature qualities are made possible by its extremely high shear stable viscosity index. A high level of wear protection and great compatibility with non-ferrous metals are features of the demulsifying additives. meets the criteria of ISO 6743-4 for HV and DIN 51524-3 for HVLP.
Consumer Benefits
  • Superior low temperature characteristics
  • Favourable demulsifying qualities
  • low tendency for foam
  • Excellent compatibility with seals
  • Free of ash and zinc
BHARAT HYDRAULIC OIL 32/46/68 is AW compliant in terms of valve train wear and high-temperature performance.
Pack Type : 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 20 ltr, 26 ltr, 50 ltr
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