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Product Details
Specifically created to meet the needs of gears, especially hypoid gears in passenger cars, large commercial vehicles, and other automotive equipment operated under high-speed, shock-load, high-speed, low-torque, and low-speed, high-torque conditions, BHARAT MULTIGEAR 80W140 grade is a high quality extreme pressure type multi-grade automotive gear oil.
Consumer Benefits
  • Excellent resistance against wear for gear components under severe loads
  • Allows functioning across a wide temperature range.
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Oil and component life that is longer
BHARAT MULTIGEAR 80W140 is API GL-5 compliant in terms of valve train wear and high-temperature performance.
Pack Type : 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 7 ml, 10 ltr, 20 ltr, 50 ltr, 55 ltr
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