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Product Details
An engine oil called BHARAT PSO 30/40 was created for agricultural pump sets that use diesel, kerosene or light diesel oil (LDO). In order to improve performance in the pump-sets used in farming and agricultural activities, the product is manufactured from paraffinic base stocks and strengthened with certain additions. In addition to providing the engine with stronger protection against wear and corrosion, the enhanced additive chemistry also maintains the engine's cleanliness and trouble-free operation over a wider range of service intervals thanks to its balanced detergency.
Consumer Benefits
  • Prevents rust and wear on the engine
  • Improved engine cleanliness
  • Longer equipment and oil life
  • Provides increased fuel economy
BHARAT PSO 30/40 is API SC/CC compliant in terms of valve train wear and high-temperature performance.
Pack Type : 1 ltr, 3.5 ltr, 5 ltr, 50 ltr
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