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The high-end synthetic motor cycle engine oil BIKER ROYAL 4T++ 15W50 was created to meet the highly stringent lubrication needs of contemporary High Powered 4-Stroke geared bikes. To meet the most exacting standards of API SN and JASO MA 2 regulations, BIKER ROYAL 4T++ 15W50 is produced using a synergistic blend of premium synthetic base stocks (Group III and Group IV base stocks) and modern additive technologies. For high-powered motorcycles, especially those with engines 350 cc and larger, BIKER ROYAL 4T++ 15W50 offers optimum protection for the engine, clutch, and gears. The advanced synthetic formula of BIKER ROYAL 4T++ 15W50 provides outstanding performance advantages like unparalleled engine and gear protection.
Consumer Benefits
  • Superior engine protection that extends engine life
  • Makes ensuring the wet clutch is operating smoothly for enhanced pick-up
  • Absolute gear protection
  • Increased oil life
  • Increased mileage
satisfies JASO MA2 standards and API SM specifications for Valve Train Wear and High-Temperature Performance
Pack Type : 1.2 ltr, 2.5 ltr
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